Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket provides true flame resistance. Fireproof Safety Blanket for Home, EMS Rapid Response, Kitchen Use, Infant, Baby Blanket, Firefighter Gloves by Kovenex.  
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How KovenexTM Works

Patented Flame Resistance
Kovenex products are made from a patented blend of high-performance fibers. The Kovenex material has been thoroughly tested to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, which also certifies firemen's protective gear. Unique properties provide true flame resistance, heat-blocking burn protection, and the ability to be washed and reused whenever necessary.
Soft, Durable Fabric
Lightweight and easy to store, Kovenex blankets are as soft as conventional blankets to keep your child safe and warm. Kovenex can provide an extra margin of safety when time is of the essence in getting a victim to safety. In certain circumstances, Kovenex can even mean the difference between life and death.
Engineered To Protect From Start
Kovenex's heat blocking capability sets it apart from other fire protection blankets. It keeps out the searing heat, providing more protection from contact burns anywhere skin might come in contact with flames or hot surfaces. The Kovenex simply will not burn. Those are just some of the qualities engineered into Kovenex products from the very beginning.
Safer for Emergencies
The Kovenex's patented fabric protects by blocking heat like no other blanket of its kind. It offers new hope to both potential burn victims and the rescue professionals dedicated to saving them. This is why Kovenex belongs in so many places where an extra measure of fire safety is critical.

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