Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket provides true flame resistance. Fireproof Safety Blanket for Home, EMS Rapid Response, Kitchen Use, Infant, Baby Blanket, Firefighter Gloves by Kovenex.  
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Rapid Response Blankets

Rapid Response Fire Blanket with Bag
10oz, 58" x 73"
was: $150.00
now: $123.00

Rapid Response Fire Blanket (Blanket Only)
10oz, 58" x 73"
Kovenex Safety in Extrication

No one understands the devastation of fire more than emergency workers. That's why police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and rescue units across the country keep the Kovenex Blanket on hand for reliable professional use.


Thoroughly tested by the National Fire Protection Association, Kovenex Blankets have a TPP Rating of 30. When the fabric is doubled, its rating increases to 76. By comparison, firefighters' gear must be rated at least 35.

See the tests for yourself in the tests video.

Kovenex Fire Safety Blanket Testing Video Infant Fire Safety Blanket Video Kitchen Fire Safety Blanket Video EMS and Extrication Fire Safety Blanket Video
Tests Infant Kitchen EMS & Extrication