Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket provides true flame resistance. Fireproof Safety Blanket for Home, EMS Rapid Response, Kitchen Use, Infant, Baby Blanket, Firefighter Gloves by Kovenex.  
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Occupational Fire Blanket

Occupational Fire Blanket
7oz, 58" x 73"
was: $100.00
now: $82.00
Kovenex Safety in the Workplace

A true concern in any business is what happens in case of fire. The legal liabilities, insurance problems, revenues lost ... Kovenex Blankets can help prevent the damage and costs of many potential fires. Lightweight and easy to use, its protection is comparable to the turnout gear firefighters wear. Add Kovenex to your business' arsenal of safety equipment.

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Factories
  • Auto shops/garages
  • Office buildings

Provides protection against many small workplace fires.

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