Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket provides true flame resistance. Fireproof Safety Blanket for Home, EMS Rapid Response, Kitchen Use, Infant, Baby Blanket, Firefighter Gloves by Kovenex.  
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Warning and Safety Guide

No product including Fireman's Shield gloves can offer absolute protection. Do not use this pair of gloves in hazardous situations until you have read and understand this safety guide and any other attached information. This guide is only to be removed by the end user. PyroGear LLC makes no guarantee of how its products will perform in actual use.

High temperature environments are extremely dangerous situations involving hazards that may cause burns, injuries, infections or death. Even when correctly used and maintained Firemanís Shield gloves will not eliminate the dangers and risks. Firemanís Shield gloves are designed to provide limited protection against injuries to the hand when properly maintained and worn. Since PyroGear LLC has no control over the manner or way in which the product is used after it leave the manufacturing facility, we cannot be responsible by warrantee or otherwise for results or effect of its use.

Your gloves must fit properly. You must clean, maintain and store your Fireman's Shield gloves properly. Gloves should be cleaned and dried thoroughly and stored in a cool dry place. Hand-wash your gloves in warm water with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and hang dry. Do not wring gloves.

You must inspect your gloves on a regular basis and after any evidence of damage, cuts, or wear. Check the entire shell and lining. Check all seams and threads. Dispose of gloves that have been exposed to extreme heat or fail any of the inspections. Do not use your gloves in proximity to or direct contact with flame or hazardous materials. Do not come in contact with electrical wires or other sources of electricity.

Seller will at its option either replace the products sold or refund the purchase price for defects in quality or manufacture. No warranties (implied or express) will apply after delivery by seller to products that are in any way altered, modified, or not maintained in accordance with this manual.

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